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Arsenal are known to play a beautiful style of football. You can’t deny that they play very attractively, although not with the best results at the most of times. However, now it seems that Wenger has managed to find a mix of flowing football with a hunger to win. Perhaps it is the long trophy drought that has spurred the players on to playing this well.

A 3-0 win at the City of Manchester Stadium is not the easiest to achieve even if you are playing 11 versus 10 as was the case last weekend. Forget that, they seem to be disposing of their opponents in style. 5-1 against Shakhtar in their last Champions League game, 4-0 against Newcastle last night in the Carling Cup. They’ve also won some tricky fixtures – away at Blackburn, away at Man City and also managed to salvage a point away against Liverpool on the opening day of the season thanks to a Reina howler.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t matter how you get the points, so long as you manage to get them. People were quick to write them off as title contenders after they lost their game against Chelsea. And also some doubts arose after the home defeat to West Brom, but these are just blots on the landscape. I feel Arsenal have the capacity to launch a title challenge this season (barring any horrible injuries to their squad).

Since I mentioned the squad, lets talk a little bit about the players that Arsene Wenger has at his disposal. Heart and soul, Cesc Fabregas. The Spaniard is essential to the team and many felt he wouldn’t give his best given what happened during the summer, but he seems to be enjoying his football and going about his business.

Claims he'd love to beat Barca at Wembley

Jack Wilshere is a brilliant player to have in your squad (so long as he doesn’t keep taking tackling lessons from Paul Scholes) and Aaron Ramsey’s return will definitely boost their creative options in the center of the park.

On the right they have Samir Nasri, who was absolutely outstanding against Man City and can also play in the same role Fabregas plays. I think he will have a really good season and his goal scoring contribution will be more than welcomed by the Gunners. They have Andrei Arshavin on the left who in spite of not being in his best form has 5 goals and 6 assists to his name. Funny how his doubters are the same person who were singing praises of the diminutive Russian when he first arrived and after his stunning four against Liverpool. He’s having a bad run of form in my opinion (granted, it has lasted for a while) but once he finds his form, he will definitely be a threat).

Walcott also a threat for Arsenal. The pace that Walcott (once dubbed Wallclock by yours truly) possesses is phenomenal and he always causes opposition teams trouble when he runs at them. He could do with improving his crosses though.

Up front, the return of Nicklas Bendtner is a boost for the Londoners. The acquisition of Maroune Chamakh is fabulous for the team and if Le Grove is to be believed, he’s played 12 games, scored 6 goals, got 4 assists, won 5 penalties and got 4 players sent off for fouls against him. Do not forget that they have this player called Robin Van Persie who’s capable of scoring some really impossible goals. Jay Emmanuel Thomas (lovingly nicknamed JET by Gooners) is also a good option and Wenger has been drooling about him in recent times, although the manager does say he’s one for the future.

Impossible! - RVP goal against Charlton at the Valley 06-07

One position I foresee trouble for them is a strong holding player in the middle. I don’t know what has happened to Song. After he coloured his hair he seems to think that its okay to run with the ball. I think he’ll be a much better player if he just cleaned up in front of the back four. However, the thing is if Song is out, Arsenal don’t really have many options in that position. Denilson is a joke, I remember a certain cunt in a Man United jersey running past him easily last season. Diaby is.. wait, where is Diaby?

The defence isn’t Arsenal’s strongest point, then again it isn’t as bad as it was last season. Koscielny and Squillaci might not be world-class defenders but they’re good. Vermaelen will be back soon. Djourou is just a fill in, but expect the other three to be fighting for starting berths so long as they’re fit.

Those who are going to fuss about Arsenal’s goalkeeping options, well.. lets just say that Almunia isn’t going to be number one after Fabianski’s recent performances. He’s been quite solid to be honest, but then even Almunia went through a similar period and I remember one game in particular where Almunia was stunning – Champions League semi final against United at Old Trafford. Arsenal fans will be hoping this isn’t another false dawn. Szczesny (is this how you spell it?) was fantabulous last night against Newcastle and will definitely do well so long as he is given enough games.

Expect Arsenal to pick up silverware this season. I don’t know what trophy they’re going to win. I don’t think they’ll be able to win the Premiership, they generally tend to lack consistency towards the second half of the season, but I think they will definitely win one of the cup competitions. Having said that, I don’t think I would be very surprised if they win the Premiership this season either..

I was absolutely disgusted when I saw the pictures of Reina, Pique and Puyol pulling a Barca shirt over Fabregas. Reina on top of that shouted “The future of Barca, the future of Spain”.

There was one problem with that statement though. Fabregas is still an Arsenal player and does NOT (whatever Pepe Reina thinks) belong to Barcelona.

Let us put it this way. You have a stone at home (for some odd reason you keep stones at home). I come to your place and the following conversation ensues.

Me : Hey, what is that stone?

You : Oh nothing. You can have it for 50 bucks.

Me : Alright I’ll take it.

Now I take the stone and I polish it and it turns into a diamond. Tah-dah. Fantastic. Now I’m all happy cause I have a diamond which you (like a douche) sold to me for 50 bucks. Now I have something valuable and you want it back but you’re not ready to pay what I’m asking for the effin diamond. I value it at 1000. You say 750, no more. I say fuck off, you.

This is just one side to the story. The other is the absolutely disgraceful behaviour by Barcelona players in trying to get Fabregas to move. They all come out, turn by turn and say they will do their best to get Fabregas to move, or that they would really love to play with Fabregas.

Fabregas is certainly not blameless in this whole fiasco. All he needs to do is come out and say “No, I’m not going to Barcelona”, and that’s where it ends. I really pity Arsenal fans at the moment, because their club captain has one foot out of the door. It is a fucking joke that he’s still the captain of Arsenal, but as a recent entry in Republik of Mancunia pointed out – who else do they have who is captain material?

The shirt over his head was the lowest Barca have stooped to (and I’m quite ashamed to say that there was a former United player involved in that). Actually I’m not so sure whether it was the lowest they stooped to.  Remember how they turned on the sprinklers after Inter Milan knocked them out of the Champions League? Remember how Valdez stopped Mourinho celebrating (Valdez, that too, by far the worst player in the team)?

We all know Barcelona are capable of playing fantastic football, however if they go on behaving like this they’re unlikely to have any of the neutral’s support. The whole world goes on about clubs tapping players up. This is certainly worse.