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The Beautiful Game

Posted: June 3, 2010 in Uncategorized

We’ve been living with football as an integral part of our life the past few years. We’re just two guys who are crazy about The Beautiful Game. To us, football is an art form. And we stick by the belief that footballers are artists. There are lesser known artists and there are the more famous ones, much like any other art form.

We have been planning to launch this blog for about 3 years now but never actually got down to doing it. Now with (arguably) the biggest footballing event in the world coming up, we’ve decided to finally do it.

The first few posts will concern the top teams that are playing in the World Cup. Expect entries on the chances of Spain, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, England, France, Germany and Italy.

Two people write this blog. I hope you enjoy reading.

PS – We understand that talking about football can stir up a lot of emotions. I hope you refrain from abusing the (respected) authors of this blog. Any abusive comments will be deleted. No abusing footballers either (except Liverpool FC footballers). Okay, I’m joking about the Liverpool bit.