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It was a keenly contested one. In fact, I was at the edge of my seat when the players lined up to shake each other’s hand. The Handshake Showdown last night was just in-fucking-sane.

The football however was definitely a sweet moment for Manchester United, for no other reason than the fact that they go top even if it is only for twenty four hours or so. You can’t really do much about your opponents, you can only win your games and hope for the best.

It is for this reason that the Devils will be happy with their performance, not because they defeated a Liverpool team that contained a member of the Nazi Party. Of course, the media will have you believe otherwise.

This bit however will only focus on the football that was played, the rest being nothing more than a distraction as far as I’m concerned.

1) The first half was very ordinary, nothing remotely exciting happened. United held the lion’s share of possession throughout the match, but especially so in the first half. Liverpool didn’t really have an attempt at goal barring that Glen Johnson opportunity, if I remember correctly.

2) Here’s the customary “Paul Scholes is so fucking good” sentence. Who would think that Paul Scholes hasn’t played between May and January? I certainly wouldn’t. He and Michael Carrick combined really well in the middle of the park. They passed really well and switched the play from left to right really quickly, feeding Valencia and Rafael on the right who gave Luis Enrique a forgettable match for sure.

However, as good as United’s midfield was, Liverpool’s was (there’s really no other way to say this) shit. Henderson, Spearing and Gerrard were abysmal and gave all the time and space in the world for Carrick and Scholes to play the ball around.
I was a little disappointed with Giggs though, I thought he had a fairly average game then again he’s been very consistent this season, so he’s allowed one off game now and then.

3) Danny Welbeck has been improving with every game this season. He’s added a lot of new things to his game – he drifts out wide, he makes runs in behind the defender, he holds the ball up really well and therefore connects play between midfield and attack. The last reason is probably why he’s being picked ahead of Hernandez consistently.

Welbeck also plays those quick one-two’s with Rooney and both of them have a good partnership going.

4) Wayne Rooney takes his tally to 21 this season, if I’m not mistaken. His brace was definitely well taken, but he should’ve perhaps had a hat trick to his name after Scholes’ dummy saw him get the ball in the penalty area, but toe poke well wide. It was a good quick two goals, killing off any bit of Liverpool enthusiasm.

5) For all those Liverpool fans that are expecting me to say something about the match from a Red Mersey perspective, let me tell you that there isn’t much to say. Liverpool was ordinary throughout the match except when Suarez got that poacher’s goal.

6) That goal was Suarez’s second most telling contribution to the game (the first being the handshake). Naturally, he’ll be remembered for the handshake and not the goal.

The defending from United was piss poor. What was Rio Ferdinand doing? Last week against Chelsea, he should’ve maybe been tighter to David Luiz when he scored and this time he just watches as the ball hits him and falls to Suarez.

Naturally, injuries have ravaged United’s central defensive pairing, but I think they have missed Vidic the most. They have a whole bunch of young talented defenders, but Vidic just makes your team so much more impenetrable.

A word of praise for Jonny Evans who looks like he’s getting his mojo back. He definitely looked a more capable defender than Rio Ferdinand yesterday.

7) After the goal, Liverpool started to push players up and De Gea was called upon to make a good save from Glen Johnson. The last ten minutes was the only period in which Liverpool looked like they were participating in a competitive football match. I’m sure the supporters were glad they finally woke up.

8) You’d have to wonder how long Liverpool are going to stick with Dalglish. This was a rotten performance by Liverpool, if you’re a fan I’m sure. There was no desire to win it. It looked like a stroll in the park for United, although the score line doesn’t really suggest that. The desire and passion definitely does come from the manager and if this is the kind of desire and passion they might as well have stuck with Rafa Benitez, who would (if nothing else) lit a fire in them and sent them out for a game against United. You’d have thought Kenny would know all about this fixture, but well, you saw it yourself.

A word on a few other Saturday fixtures


1) How long before Andre Villas Boas gets the sack? Yesterday the fan’s too got on his back with chants of “You’re getting sacked in the morning” and “You don’t know what you’re doing”.

Even Sir Alex has been at the receiving end of such chants at the beginning of his United career, but he had a far more boss in Martin Edwards unlike AVB who has Abramovich.

A 2-0 defeat at Everton a week after they squandered a 3-0 lead against United isn’t exactly the best for Chelsea.

In the fight for that fourth Champions League spot, Arsenal were the biggest gainers after Chelsea and Newcastle suffered defeats.

2) Swansea were beaten for only the second time at home this season by Norwich. That’s an incredible stat. Any team that’s played at the Liberty Stadium will tell you how hard it is. So cheers to Norwich who are now 8th in the Premier League.

And there’s La Liga


Where Barcelona managed to lose to Osasuna giving Real Madrid the chance to open up a ten point lead at the top of the table if they win tonight.

It’s been a while since any of us have posted and I for one would have gladly continued to neglect this fact if Keshav hadn’t incessantly harrassed me to write this. Initially I thought that if I just ignored him for a while he’d eventually drift back into his natural state of boredom but he just wouldn’t let up so…..

Here is my list of the 5 moments tha changed the Premier Leagus season.

Don’t take the order too seriously its loose and tentative. (Infact don’t take any of this seriously it’s mostly bullshit.)

5.) Wigan string together two wins.

As Indian football fans our attentions tend largely to be centred on the big 4 (an increasingly vague term with the emergence Moneychester Cashty) but the significance of Wigans victories versus Legbreakers FC and Should have given up and gone home after 15 games FC (Stoke and West Ham) should not be misunderestimated (as W would say). Keep in mind that thats something Arsenal failed to do in the last 10 or so games of the season. (There sure are a lot of brackets in this post aren’t there?)

4.) Someone accidentally leaves a mirror in Carlos’ room.

Carlos Tevez decides his startling ugliness is more likely to go unnoticed in Manchester (The city that gave us Beth Tweddle and Alfred Wainwright. Go ahead, google image search them. Look at the fucking teeth on that woman.) than in Barcelona where people tend to look less like a cross between Andy Garcia and an orc . This was truly momentous decison for City as The Fugly One went on to net 14 goals between the end of january and may 22nd helping them to a 3rd place finish and direct qualification to the Champoons League and probably saving his manager’s job in the process.

Hurray! Its Pay Day!

3.) United scratch their heads and pick their noses confusedly when someone talks about “loosing”.

The seemingly endless suply of late goals was absolutely instrumental (second only to their home form) to United’s success. The specific moment I have in mind is the comeback win against Blackpool. Trailing by two goals. Thoroughly outplayed in the first half. Warily aware that the momentum was starting to drift towards Arsenal. They still fucking won. People go on and on about this United team being considerably inferior to teams of the recent and slightly less recent past and I agree with them. This Manchester United team may not be very good but they’re still very Manchester United.

2.) Kenny says “Thanks for keeping the seat warm Woy but as my first name is ‘King’ I should really be the one sitting there.”

Before Dalglish took over Pool (Heh. Pool means penis in Tamil.) had won just 7 of their last 20 matches. Post Kenny they were outshined in terms of points won only by United. He rejuvenated (I hate that word) and revitalised (Thats better) a team lower on morale and verve than Micheal Carrick. The early doubts caused by some seemigly dodgy transfer dealings were soon allayed and it is apparent that Kenny is very much in the same league as SAF and Arsene. Given further investment Kenny could well deploy a Title challenging team next season.

"Can't you see?, I am Liverpool"

1.) Arsenal loose the Carling Cup final and unravel like a great big unravelly thing that unravels.

Why must the things I love cause me such pain? The season promised so much for The Gunners (Atleast we have a nice nickname, Not like United’s which sounds like a 5 year old came up with it. Te Red Devils?! I mean seriously!). Indeed it was Arsenal’s season (Not to be confused with “the season of Arse and anal” which is the mating season of Loyola hostel residents.)

I say it was Arsenal’s season because for the first two thirds of the campaign, Arsenal Were the story. Against the backdrop of a vulnerable looking United, a fast fading Chelsea and a Cloundering Liverpool, Arsenal were looking like contenders again. The victories against chelsea and Barcelona prooved that they could mix it with the best of them (and Chelsea). It was Arsenal’s season to throw away. And boy Motherfuckin’ did they. The final third of the season saw Arsenal knocked out of the F.A. cup, the CL and pick uo 11 points fron 11 games (Roughly. Dont go all Opta on my ass.) This disasterous form can be traced back neatly to that little incident when a Frenchman walked into a Pole. The loss crushed the players, the fans and it would seem the manager as well. It might have been “just the Carling Cup” but it was Shiny and Cup shaped which is something that hasn’t been seen around North London for a long long time (Anyone who tries to remind me of Sp*s Carling Cup win will be shot in the face.) Arsenal’s mental issues/blocks/repressed memories of sexual abuse by a clown or whatever the fuck is wrong with them were brought right to the surface by that result and set the on the path to implosion.

Its Mine! MINE I TELL YOU. Maybe not..

Honourable (or dishonourable as the case may be) mentions to:

Arsenal 4 -4 Newcastle. Manchester United’s early goals vs Chelsea at OT. Injuries to Charlie Adam (It’s ADAM not ADAMS) and D.J. Campbell when Blackpool could have profited from their services.

Thats all.


Transfer records went tumbling on deadline day yesterday. I expected a lot of activity but the amount of money that was thrown around really surprised me. January transfer window is usually full of speculation but very little transfer activity takes place. Mid-Season transfer are considered to be risky and unless there is an emergency clubs usually stay away from buying. Even players like Nemanja Vidic have struggled to make an impact immediately after coming in during the January transfer window.

The most high profile transfer was that Fernando Torres to Chelsea.The Blues also signed David Luiz from Benfica. The Luiz transfer had been going on and off the entire window, but I think it was a necessity for the Londoners to sign a Center Back given their lack of cover in the area. Chelsea fans would now love to see the back of Paulo Ferreira.

Once auditioned for a role as Side Show Bob.

Considering Liverpool’s position at the moment, I expected Torres to leave Liverpool soon. But I never expected him to hand in a transfer request 3 days before the window shuts. Torres has not been great this season but then again their whole team is struggling badly. The arrival of Dalglish has made a difference but it seems it wasn’t enough for Torres. One can’t blame Torres for wanting to leave but the manner in which he has left would have certainly angered the Liverpool supporters. A £50million offer was too good to refuse as far as Liverpool were concerned (and we privately agree, £50million for a player who is crocked so often?).

LFC fans surely feel let down by a man they called a Club Legend

Let us get down to the most mind boggling transfer in the history of transfers – Andy Carroll. I think he has been excellent this season. But £35millon?? £35millon for a player who has only 41 appearances in the league has 14 goals! This is the 8TH most expensive transfer in football – more expensive than World Cup winning David Villa. Andy Carroll (and every other English player still active in the world) has no idea what a World Cup medal looks like. Andy Carroll – much like his most expensive English brethren also suffers from disciplinary issues off the pitch. We clearly see him following in the path of Rooney, Ferdinand and Gerrard in that sense.

If he's worth 35 million, how much is Ronaldo or Messi worth?

This clearly is a panic buy from Liverpool. The Merseysiders are seventh in the league. Regardless of who they sign (barring maybe Messi) they are not going to get into the Champions League. Why spend so heavily in the January window when you have to pay twice the price?  Also Dalglish doesn’t seem like the kind of manager who would approve this kind of transfer which makes you wonder how much say he has over transfers.

Final Verdict regarding these two transfers- I have a feeling Torres won’t make that big an impact at Chelsea like many think he will. I think Chelsea needed a creative midfielder more than a striker. It will be interesting to see where he plays, probably Anelka will be dropped. He will score goals but I doubt he will be able to justify the £50million Chelsea has paid for him. He will not be available for the Sunderland game which means he could make his debut against Liverpool! It will be a real heated game.

Darrent Bent went to Aston Villa for £24million.So Carroll who is younger should fetch more than that. Only if you apply that kind of logic will this transfer make sense. This is a lot of pressure on a young player. After all he is only 22.He could crumble under the weight of expectation. But if keeps his head Liverpool have a good player in hand. But like Torres, I think he will struggle to justify the £35millon transfer fee.

In one corner of Manchester, some people are really happy that some other club is paying ridiculous prices for players who aren’t quite up there. City have been surprisingly pretty quiet throughout this transfer window, splashing £27 million pounds in the direction of Edin Dzeko, which looking at all the other transfers in this window seems like a well thought out, measured and financially prudent move.


Transfer Round-up

Tottenham went on a rampage in the last 3 days bidding over 30 million for nearly  every single striker playing in La Liga and got rejected by all.Harry Redknapp is not too happy about it. Peter Crouch was video taped doing The Robot outside White Hart Lane.

Denilson last night shocked the football world and Arsenal supporters by demanding a move away from Arsenal.He later on changed his mind after the best bid he received was  £5.99 from Crawley town! Crawley then withdrew the bid thinking it was over priced.

Rangers have signed Kyles Bartley and El-Hadji Diouf on loan. Glad to see Diouf leave the premier league. Fulham have signed Eidur Gudjohnsen on loan and Aston Villa have secured Michael Bradley on loan till the end of the season. Paul Konchesky joined Nottingham Forrest on loan. Daniel Sturridge moved to Bolton on loan.

Seria A

Lot of transfer has taken place in Seria A.The best signing has to be that of Antonio Cassano by AC Milan. Milan have also signed Emanuelson from Ajax, Van bommel and Nicola Legrottaglie from Juventus.

Inter Milan made 2 excellent signings in the January window.They have signed Pazzini from Sampdoria and Andrea Ranocchia from Genoa.This will certainly help their squad.

La Liga

No major news in La Liga. Adebayor of course moved to Real Madrid on loan. Also don’t forget that Ibrahim Affelay’s transfer from PSV to Barcelona went through during this transfer window.


Arsenal Chairman Peter Hill-Wood appeared for an interview with the Daily Star and he has the following to say –

“It’s important for me and for the board to not lose our nerve when the media and the fans are all screaming. We’ve had some tough years.

“Once, in the mid-1980s, I was smuggled out of Highbury, lying in the back of the car. We were having a bad run, and there were 500 people standing outside the boardroom shouting, ‘F**k off, Hill-Wood’.

“These days, the bar has been raised. But, I’m surprised that people keep saying that Arsenal have not won anything for 5 years. Liverpool haven’t won the league for 20 years!

“And I remember when they were in the old Second Division and Manchester United were in the old Second Division… I think the boys and girls who support us are very lucky.

“I remember a year ago, standing in the front of the directors’ box… there was a woman shout, ‘Spend some f*****g money’.

“I said, ‘Don’t worry, darling. Leave it to us; we will sort it out’… or some similar patronising statement, which probably pissed her off even more.

“This season, we’re still in all competitions and we’re 2nd in the league. So, we’re not that bloody bad!”

Now we’re all entitled to our opinions of course. But unfortunately for Arsenal fans, PHW’s opinion really affects their transfer scenario and what the club is doing with regards to player acquisition etc etc.

Needless to say I disagree with Peter Hill-Wood. (He’s had some exciting times eh? Smuggled out of Highbury in the back of a car?). Anyway, the point is this –

1) Does he really want to compare Arsenal to Liverpool; a club that haven’t won the league in 20 years? It shows a worrying lack of ambition from the Chairman of one of the title chasing two clubs in the league. He seems to think like this – “Alright, Liverpool haven’t won a the league in 20 years, so we have another 15 years to go”

Lacking ambition

2) The same Manchester United who were languishing in the second division back in the day are now racking up trophy after trophy. So shouldn’t a club that’s been playing first division football pretty much throughout its history be winning a few trophies?

3) Arsenal are currently second only because of astute signings by Arsene Wenger. Whatever he needs, he gets cheap. However, if Arsenal had decided to spend big and invest heavily in areas that needed to be improved (Goalkeeper, Center Back) who knows, they could have been first in the league.




I suspect most of you are familiar with Andy Gray, commentator, analyst and Scotch of great and undeserved renown.
Well you may have also heard that he has just been shitcanned by Sky who provide us (via Espn) with our Premier League fix.

"Hi, I'm an idiot, and I no longer have a job"

The circumstances of his dismissal are fairly simple. Think of the Dean Jones-Hashim Amla fiasco and replace Jones with Gray and Muslims with Women.
The idiot thought his mike was off and said some stupid things(YouTube it if you wish to hear).

Gray and his colleague and fellow brainless idiot Richard Keys basically questioned a woman’s ability to understand anything as ‘complex’ as the offside rule and trotted out the general “they belong in the kitchen making me soup” attitude. The context being the officiating of Lineswoman Sian Massey in the Pool-Wolves game

She got it all right actually

However sexism is not the only thing that fills up Andy Gray’s cup of idiocy . Gray is one of the most shameless proponents of Xenophobia in English football, and unlike Racism or Sexism there is an institutionalised approval almost bordering on encouragement of xenophobia in the modern game, from the media, the FA and from talking (sh*t)heads like Gray.

Anyone who has watched Premier League football over the last few years shoud be able to recall the numerous times when British and Foreign players have been given differential treatment by all quarters.

Consider the instance when Eduardo dived in the Champions League against Celtic, there was an immediate queue of people forming to formally condemn him as the worst human being since Hitler. Contrast this with the studied ignoring of Steven Gerrard’s oft repeated and frankly badly acted gamesmanship. These double standards extend beyond diving.

Rooney’s vicious (and hilarious) attack on some Portuguese bugger’s nuts were explained away as the evil foreigner Ronaldo’s fault, just because Ronaldo was supposed to have been making fun of him. If I attacked someone’s genitals everytime somebody poked fun at me…well I’m pretty sure society would frown upon it.

This xenophobia seems quite often to go hand in hand with another moronic attitide prevalent in England today. The notion that Leg-breaking assaults are “part and parcel” of the game. Well. No, they’re not. The two trends often tie together withpPoor, innocent English “He’s not that kind of player” types like Martin Taylor and Ryan Shawcross are painted as Freaking victims of the tricksy, dishonest foreigners who have no business to be skillful or have quick feet.

Xenophobia is now visible even in the treatment of managers by the English press. Contrast the treatment good old uncle Woy got from the press with what Rafa recieved. Contrast the furore over Sam Allardyce’s dismissal with the sneering treatment of Avram Grant.

Andy Gray who was always quickest to jump to John Terry’s defense for a cynical foul or to Gerrard’s defense for a dive and just as quick to condemn a foreign player as “one of those types” i.e. Cheats is/was but one of the symptoms of a general malaise infecting English football, one that is particularly odious to us foreign supporters of the PL.

Drawchester United

Man United have done it again. They have drawn another match. This time against West Bromwich Albion at home! Thus far they have won all their home games and drawn all away games. But now they’ve started drawing the home games as well. Excellent! Just what the doctor ordered.

Costly Van der Sar error saw West Brom take a point at Old Trafford

The worrying thing for a United fan is the fact that they still haven’t played the tougher teams in the Premier League. Granted, given Sunderland’s current form, they are one of the better teams in the league, but they still haven’t played Man City, Spurs or Villa which are bound to be tougher than the likes of WBA. They have played Liverpool and home and won, and played Everton away and drawn. I don’t think this is good enough. In the 2008-09 season United didn’t have a great record against the other big four teams, but hammered smaller opponents, thereby amassing 90 points in the season and taking the title.

United are still unbeaten in the league, but that’s little consolation and so long as Man City are above them in the league (as is the case now) United fans will worried.

Fighting Blackpool

Every once in a while you see a team come up from the Championship and play exciting football. Blackpool are doing just that. They played Man City at Bloomfield over the weekend and boy were they unlucky to lose. Tevez had a goal given to him which should have been ruled as offside and Taylor Fletcher had a goal disallowed after incorrectly being ruled offside. The final score was 3-2 and David Silva scored a beautiful third goal amongst all this chaos.

Blackpool really looked threatening and for a while it seemed that all the money City pumped in had gone to waste. City were really lucky to win the game. I feel sorry for Blackpool because for teams like them, every point counts and could save them from taking the drop.

Teams like Stoke came up from the Championship and they decided NOT TO LOSE, whereas Blackpool decided to WIN. The strategies are different, but if the end result is the same (staying on in the Premier League) then the manager and the team, both, have achieved something worth remembering. You could argue that its boring watching teams like Stoke play. The Stoke board will tell you that they’d rather have boring football on display than earn lesser revenue by going back down to the Championship.

Chelsea held at Villa

Didier Drogba didn’t play the game and therefore my Fantasy Football gameweek went for a toss. The result was a pretty fair one in my opinion and I don’t think Chelsea will be too disappointed about getting only a point at Villa. Ancelotti certainly isn’t disappointed.

Jack Wilshere’s dark side

Poor Arsene Wenger. He goes on and on about bad tackles and then suddenly one of his own players lunges in with a really dangerous tackle on Zigic. Arsene Wenger has been very vocal in his criticism of dangerous tackles by other players on his own team and this time when the tables were turned, didn’t come off so strong.

Welcome to the Dark Side. We have cookies.

“We know Jack Wilshere is not a dirty player, but it does show you players can mistime in this hurly burly game in football. Everybody has to recognise that.” – Arsene Wenger

But when Paul Scholes does it, it means he has a dark side. Hypocrisy much, Mr Wenger?

It was a bad tackle and its a good thing Zigic wasn’t injured, Alex McLeish would have cried after spending 6 million on his transfer from Valencia.

Merseyside is blue

Everton absolutely pushed Liverpool out of the game. It was a really dominating performance from Everton and they deservedly ended up winning 2-0. Goals from Cahill and Arteta settled the encounter, Arteta’s strike being fantastic (not that Cahill’s goal wasn’t good in itself). Arteta (once upon a time, England’s midfield hope) and Cahill pulled all the strings in midfield making Liverpool’s summer signing of Meireles seem completely pointless.

Liverpool played two Defensive Midfielders – Meireles and Lucas and were still not able to get the ball enough. Steven Gerrard had to occasionally track back and anchor midfield. Yakubu looked three times a better striker than Fernando Torres, and its not everyday that something like that happens.

Let’s be honest, Everton ran out winners and deserved it.

Barcelona versus Valencia

Barcelona versus Valencia was the clash of the weekend in La Liga and was a really really good match. Barcelona were dominating the game in the second half with the score at 1-1. Barca won the game in the end with a commanding header from Puyol. Final score there was 2-1 to Barca. Iniesta and Puyol on the scoresheet for Barca and Pablo Hernandez for Valencia.

Real Madrid absolutely hammered Malaga with Ronaldo scoring a brace and two from Higuain as well. Higuain’s goals were set up by Ronaldo as well so its fair to say that he was probably the player of the match.

Ronaldo and Higuain celebrate after the first goal against Malaga


With that win, Real go on top of La Liga thanks to Valencia’s loss and Villareal drawing 2-2 away at Hercules (who seem to be giving a headache to the big teams). Sevilla also lost to Sporting Gijon which was quite unexpected.

Waaazaaa Wazza?

Wayne Rooney has reportedly refused to sign a new contract with Manchester United. All the newspapers have tipped him to make a move away from Old Trafford and claim that he has had a bust up with Sir Alex.

I’ll give you my two cents on the entire thing. It is too bad if Wayne Rooney wants to leave Manchester United. He’s a good player going through a bad patch, but he needs to be a little bit more mature when dealing with people and the media (especially).

Sir Alex has his best interests at heart and has tried to focus attention away from Rooney and he keeps bringing the spotlight back on to himself. He countered Sir Alex’s story that his ankle had a problem which was why he was going through a bad patch and said instead that his ankle was absolutely fine.

There’s no doubt that Sir Alex would’ve been furious with Wayne Rooney for this and perhaps it was one of the reasons Rooney started on the bench against West Brom.

I read elsewhere that Rooney is holding out for 200,000 Euro a week on his new contract which seems quite ridiculous considering he’s getting 120,000 Euro a week now. Apparently United offered him170,000 which seems quite fair to me.

Rooney needs to grow up.

Tonight’s Champions League clashes

For those of you who are in India and wondering which games will be telecast by TEN tonight –

Shakhtar Donetsk versus Arsenal on TEN Sports at 00.00 hours

Real Madrid versus AC Milan on TEN Action at 00.00 hours

Spartak Moskva versus Chelsea on TEN Action at 21.30 hours

Hicks and Gillett, probably the two most hated figures in Liverpool right now (and maybe even across the globe, considering Liverpool’s fan base) are trying to keep control of a club that clearly doesn’t want them anymore.

Confuzzled as hell

Yesterday, two bids came in for Liverpool FC. One allegedly from New England Sports Ventures (the same company that owns the Boston Red Sox) and another one from Asia. The club have declared both these bids as “excellent financial offers”.

Meanwhile during yesterday’s board meeting, the American owners Hicks and Gillett tried to remove two of the clubs board members – Commercial Director Ian Ayre and Managing Director Christian Purslow. Chairman Martin Broughton, brought in to oversee the sale of the club, has appointed the legal firm Slaughter & May to prove the illegality of this decision under the Companies Act.

The owners seek to replace these two board members with Mack Hicks (Hicks’ son) and Lori Kay McCutcheon, a Vice President at Hicks’ Holdings.

Purslow - removed by the Yanks

The meeting was called to discuss the two bids that were received by the club. And after the meeting, a joint statement from Hicks and Gillett was received

“In April, we confirmed our agreement to sell Liverpool Football Club, and appointed a new chairman and advisers to oversee the process.

At that time we and Martin Broughton stated our commitment to finding the right buyer for LFC, one that could support and sustain the club in the future. We remain committed to that goal.

The owners have invested more than $270 million in cash into the club, and during their tenure revenues have nearly doubled, investment in players has increased and the club is one of the most profitable in the EPL.

As such, the board has been presented with offers that we believe dramatically undervalue the club.

To be clear, there is no change in our commitment to finding a buyer for Liverpool Football Club at a fair price that reflects the very significant investment we’ve made.

We will however, resist any attempt to sell the club without due process or agreement by the owners.”

Clearly the American owners are not happy with the valuation of the two bids received, and if the legal team appointed by Broughton fails to prove that their removal of the Managing Director and the Commercial Director is illegal, then Americans will have no problem blocking the two bids.

October 15th is set as the deadline for the repayment of the 282 million pounds loans from Royal Bank of Scotland and Wachovia.

The Liverpool FC statement after the meeting was as follows –

“The Board of Directors have received two excellent financial offers to buy the club that would repay all its long-term debt. A board meeting was called today to review these bids and approve a sale. Shortly prior to the meeting, the owners – Tom Hicks and George Gillett – sought to remove Managing Director Christian Purslow and Commercial Director Ian Ayre from the Board, seeking to replace them with Mack Hicks and Lori Kay McCutcheon.

“This matter is now subject to legal review and a further announcement will be made in due course.

“Meanwhile Martin Broughton, Christian Purslow and Ian Ayre continue to explore every possible route to achieving a sale of the Club at the earliest opportunity.”

Liverpool fans meanwhile stepped up efforts to oust the Americans from Anfield with the release of the video “Dear Mr Hicks

Dear fellow football crazy people,

This weekends action has not been the best if you’re a fan of any of the so called big four (no, City not included) unless you’re a Chelsea fan that is.

Arsenal get the Blues

The biggest fixture of the weekend ended 2-0 in the favour of the champions. Goals from Didier Drogba and an absolutely stunning free kick from Alex ensured that the Champions won comfortably against a depleted Arsenal side.

Arsenal didn’t look too bad though, especially in the second half, Chelsea were under the cosh a lot but Arsenal didn’t manage to finish. Final ball lacking? Perhaps its because of the absence of both Fabregas and Van Persie. One thing is for sure, Arsene Wenger wouldn’t have gone to Stamford Bridge expecting a win.

Check out the highlights

Sunderland steamrolled United, but the final score was 0-0

Off to the Stadium of Light where Steve Bruce almost got his first win over Sir Alex. But it was not to be. United managed to hold on and keep a clean sheet. The worrying thing about the United team was that there was absolutely no creativity in the squad.

Almost - but not quite

Scholes was back for this fixture after missing out against Valencia and was kept really quiet in my personal opinion because United not only lack a (young, before you point out Scholes) creative midfielder, but also lack a good defensive midfielder. Fletcher is a good midfielder, but isn’t a defensive midfielder, he likes to get forward and make runs into the box and he’s useful to have because he tracks back and gets a good tackle in. But there’s isn’t anybody who’ll just sit and play the square balls to Scholes and Fletcher who then drive the team forward.

I don’t really subscribe to the policy of playing Scholes deeper either, we all know he’s not a great tackler and is very susceptible to get carded. So for the sake of my Fantasy Football team and also for the betterment of United I hope Sir Alex plays Scholes in a more advanced position.

And also, I’m just going to talk about Nani for a bit. He always does his best when the pressure is on him. Even if he’s trying to cross the ball, if he has three players next to him, he’ll put in a brilliant cross. When he has acres of space, he’ll cross it right into the keepers hands. And for God’s sake, PLEASE stay on your feet! Losing Valencia is clearly a big blow for United’s season.

Bebe came on. I just had to add it as an afterthought.

Sunderland should have actually won the game, but they failed to take their chances. Its heartening to see that United aren’t conceding goals, but I hope that they also realize that you need to score atleast one to win a game.

Trouble at Merseyside

After getting knocked out by Northampton at home, you would expect Liverpool would try not to lose to another small club (with no offence to Blackpool). Well, they didn’t learn their lesson clearly and things are troubled at Merseyside.

One of the hazards of maintaining an all round football blog is visiting Blogs of other teams (Arsenal, Chelsea and even Liverpool and City). Most of the posters on Liverpool’s blogs aren’t too happy with the way Roy Hodgson is handling things.

I like Roy Hodgson, but lets be clear, I wouldn’t be too happy if he was managing United. And he does seem pretty clueless at times as to where to play his midfield trio of Gerrard, Meireles and Poulsen.

Then again, the other side of the coin is that he’s inherited a crap team, some really crap players and he’s just come in, its bound to take time for him to change things. Also they really didn’t have an easy fixtures list for sure.

Fans are all calling for Kenny Dalglish to be appointed as manager of Liverpool and sack Hodgson, which doesn’t seem very unlikely if their recent results continue.

Anfield - A crazy place to be

Credit to Blackpool for their win.

Elsewhere on Merseyside, Everton registered their first win over Bimingham which meant that Ben Foster dropped points in my Fantasy Premier League team (Yes, I’m slightly obsessed about it)

League Table after this weekend

P Team Pld GD Pts
1 Chelsea 7 21 18
2 Manchester City 7 6 14
3 Man Utd 7 7 13
4 Arsenal 7 7 11
5 Tottenham 7 2 11
6 WBA 7 -3 11
7 Stoke City 7 -1 10
8 Aston Villa 7 -3 10
9 Blackpool 7 -4 10
10 Fulham 7 1 9
11 Sunderland 7 0 8
12 Bolton 7 -1 8
13 Blackburn 7 -1 8
14 Wigan Athletic 7 -9 8
15 Newcastle 7 0 7
16 Birmingham 7 -3 7
17 Everton 7 -1 6
18 Liverpool 7 -4 6
19 Wolves 7 -5 5
20 West Ham Utd 7 -9 5

Manchester United versus Liverpool. It always turns out to be a fiesty affair. There’s no love lost between these two teams and this time out, both of them are pretty desperate for a win.

No love lost - Gary Neville and Jamie Carragher

Liverpool have taken only 5 points from a possible 12 and United have drawn two matches (against Fulham and Everton) which they really should have won. Its still early in the season of course, but the reason that this game is a must win (especially for United, since its at Old Trafford) is more psychological than anything else.

Chelsea are clocking 3 points after 3 points after their relatively easier fixtures in the start of the season. Arsenal too have started really well and are now strengthened by the return of Cesc Fabregas to their team. Expect them to continue doing well (until they do an Arsenal, sometime mid season).

Liverpool have just come off a really poor season where they didn’t qualify for the Champions League. I’m not going to dwell upon that, you all already know about it. But over here, I’m going to take a minute to catch my breath, because I can’t help but laugh at that. My apologies to all the Liverpool fans. Anyway, and their present season hasn’t started off great either.

Drawing against Arsenal when they should have won, getting hammered by Manchester City, an expected win against West Bromwich Albion and a draw against Birmingham where Barry Ferguson looked like Paul Scholes and Birmingham completely dominated a game in which it looked like Liverpool had no midfield players.

It is very important for Liverpool not to lose their next game against their ultimate rivals. A loss would surely send them home disappointed and then after two games against Sunderland and Blackpool, they go to Goodison to face Everton. To be fair, their fixture list doesn’t look really nice, but then again, it seems to me that the league has just become that much tougher, which is why its becoming increasingly difficult to get 3 points against supposedly lower league opponents.

United have had their usual hot and cold start to a season. Most United fans are beginning to worry, but the ones who have seen it all aren’t too fussed because they know this is how United always start a season. A convincing 3-0 win against Newcastle was followed up by a good display against Fulham, but still the Red Devils managed to get only a point thanks to Hangeland’s late equaliser. The demolition of West Ham was quite expected and was followed up by a ridiculous draw at Goodison Park where the defence seemed non-existent in the final minute of the game. A Champions League game at home against Rangers followed where most expected United to pick up all three points against their Scottish opponents, but failed to do break down their defence. A horrible injury to Valencia marred the night and was terrible news to digest along with the goal-less draw.

Both United and Liverpool will be looking at this game as a very important one. Not just for the sake of old rivalries, but for the morale of their players and the fans. Liverpool would no doubt be overjoyed with a win at Old Trafford and I actually think it might be beyond them. They aren’t really playing well. Raul Meireles seems a good addition to their team for whatever little he played against Birmingham, but will he be enough for Liverpool to gain a foothold in the centre of the park where no doubt the veteran Scholes will be deployed by Ferguson. I’m sure most Liverpool fans would prefer him played there instead of watching the Lucas show.

Will he make the difference?

The main reason for United’s failure to create against Rangers was the lack of creativity. With both Scholes and Berbatov missing, United lacked two players who could cut open most defences. Berbatov has been in stunning form for the Red Devils and will most definitely start against Liverpool (especially with news of an ankle injury to Rooney). United will definitely want to win this one, and they should express that desire with the way they play their football on Sunday.

Striking while the iron is hot

United also need to show a display that asserts their mental strength after the injury to Valencia. Remember how Arsenal’s season crumbled after the Eduardo injury? United fans believe that their players are made of stronger stuff than Arsenal’s. We’ll soon find out.

Most likely the affair will be cagey. Neither team willing to risk too much and both of them cancelling each other out. Or I could be completely wrong and both teams will play end to end football and surprise us all. I wouldn’t count on it though.